Prayer for Encouragement, Healing and Deliverance
Glory of Zion NH
70 Foundry Street Unit 223 . Manchester NH 03102

We are a ministry that specializes in prayer for encouragement, healing and 
deliverance for anyone who wants to be made new and set free. We also 
conduct teachings and raise up disciples who want to advance the Kingdom 
of God here on earth. We love to fellowship with others and share our 
testimonies to build up our confidence in God's love.

At Glory of Zion NH, we really care about each person who wants to be 
healed. We take the time to make sure each person has been ministered to 
according to God's plan and destiny for each person one-at-a-time.

We also conduct teachings to bring an understanding of the times and seasons in which 
we live today. Click on Hebrew Month/Tribe for the current teaching and revelation for the current 
Hebrew month.  Learn how to walk according to God's calendar. Click on The Feasts of the Lord 
to gain an understanding of God's appointed times to celebrate and meet with Him for 
the Hebrew year 5777.

Know Your Scripture is a booklet with 46 topics to assist new believers in the Word of God.  
It is also an excellent resource for Individual and Group Bible Studies around the world. Go China!
Go Africa!   Go India!!   Go South America!   Go UK!   Go Germany!
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