Operating In The Courts of Heaven:
Granting God the Legal Right 
to Fulfill His Passion and Answer Our Prayers
by Robert Henderson

​                                                     Why do some people pray in agreement with God's will, heart, and timing, 
                                                 yet the desired answers do not come? Why would God not respond when 
                                                 we pray from the earnestness of out hearts? What is the problem, or better 
                                                 yet, what is the solution? 

                                                 I believe the answer is found in where our prayer actually takes place. We 
                                                 must direct our prayer towards the Courtrooms of Heaven and not only the 
                                                 battlefield. I believe that it is in the Courtrooms of Heaven where our 
                                                 breakthroughs can be found. When we learn to operate there we will see 
                                                 our answers unlocked and released.

                                                 This book will teach you the legal processes of Heaven and your place in it. 
                                                 When we get off the battlefield and into the courtroom we can grant God 
                                                 the legal right to fulfill His passion and answer our prayers.

                                                                                                                                   Robert Henderson​

I first saw Robert Henderson on the Sid Roth television show and ordered his book and audio CD's. I have been walking with the Lord Jesus
now for 25 years and I still struggled with unanswered prayer, generational curses, and bloodline issues. I knew I was still missing knowledge
on how to break through the satanic road blocks in my prayer life.

I dedicated five months with 2-3 court sessions per week addressing the accusations against myself and my bloodline. Some of my sessions 
lasted 5-6 hours. I was shocked to learn the accusations that Satan has had against me and my bloodline. I now better understand why 
God The Father could not answer my prayers. I also experienced on many occasions how God The Father was very-very happy and just 
waiting on me to get verdicts rendered so He could bless me and my family. God is waiting for us! Jesus has done all the work on the Cross 
and the Voice of the Blood of Jesus is ready to blot out our sins for God to honor our prayers and activate our destinies.

This book written by Robert Henderson is not a one time read. I still continue to re-read and listen to the CD's over and over again to better
learn these principles of operating in the Courts of Heaven. I highly recommend his teachings and materials to anyone who desires greater breakthrough in their prayers, and a better understanding of God's Kingdom judicial system in heaven.

W Scott Sullenberger

I first watched the following you-tube video's and then purchased the book 
and audio cd's.

You-Tube videos:   Robert Henderson - The Courts of Heaven / Session 1

                                 Robert Henderson - The Courts of Heaven / Session 2

                                 Robert Henderson - The Courts of Heaven / Session 3

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September 2014